About the Artist

Birgit BachBirgit Bach

“When I was six years old I moved with my family to northern Illinois. There was no grass around our new home yet- just bare earth. I scooped up a big handful of muddy clay from the yard and shaped it into a variety of little animals that I lined up on the driveway to bake in the hot summer sun. I remember I loved the feeling of the cool mud on my hands and the way it could be molded into any shape I chose. I’ve had a passion for working with clay ever since.”

Birgit has always been inspired by science and nature. She studied Wildlife Ecology at the University of Wisconsin and received a Ph.D. in Neuroscience in 1996 while studying at the UW School of Veterinary Medicine. Before beginning graduate school, she spent many months in Mozambique, Africa where she was inspired by the colors and patterns of the African art that she saw there. That influence, as well as her interest in the natural world and animals, is seen in much of her art. She has annual shows of her artwork and currently lives in Madison, WI.